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The Company

Astro Alliance is all about astronomy since 2015 and cooperates with private customers, companies and public organizations to build professional equipment and observatories, mainly by designing and manufacturing high precision optics and mechanics. The company’s core business covers the manufacturing and sales of telescopes, mounts, clamshell and traditional domes for observatories, domes for indoor and outdoor planetariums, optics (up to very high diameters) and complete observatories.

Astro Alliance also offers a wide range of services to provide its customers with the best possible maintenance and can grant special assistance for large scale observatories.

The company cooperates with renowned international partners like Officina Stellare and Optiques Fullum with the objective of successfully satisfying every kind of request coming from any customer.


Every product is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy to achieve the best possible quality and a constant degree of innovation. Every step of manufacturing is actively monitored and verified by Astro Alliance, from start to finish.


Astro Alliance offers highly qualified assistance when it comes to repairing and maintaining telescopes and mounts. The company provides collimation, aluminization, coatings, cleaning, intubation and more.


When it comes to public organizations and large scale observatories, Astro Alliance can provide complete support on location. This way, the company can satisfy every specific need of professional structures, even through remote control.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Astro Alliance is an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, thanks to its organizational capabilities and to the company's accurate quality management system.

This certification ensures that Astro Alliance’s products and services consistently meet the quality standards set by the firm and that every stage pertaining the production of the items intended for sale can be verified.

Our partners

Officina Stellare

Officina Stellare

The Italian Space Factory

Founded in 2009 in Sarcedo (Italy), Officina Stellare is an international leader in designing, developing and manufacturing complex opto-mechanical systems and instruments for ground and space applications.

The company operates vertically thanks to the availability of all the skills needed to design, build, integrate and test any kind of equipment in-house with the best possible accuracy.

Optiques Fullum

Optiques Fullum

High Precision Optics

Based in Canada, Optiques Fullum is one of the world leaders in manufacturing customized high precision optics.

Thanks to its advanced manufacturing techniques (such as the exclusive Techno-FusionĀ® technology), a wide range of dedicated equipment and a continuous cooperation with universities and research institutes, Optiques Fullum can satisfy even the most complex request.

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