Astro Alliance designs and manufactures several kinds of domes, entirely Made in Italy like every other product from the company.

Domes for observatories are available with the innovative clamshell opening system or with a traditional mechanic, depending on the customer’s needs. They’re perfectly suited for various kinds of operations, and especially for Optical Ground Station, SSA and SST applications.

Domes for planetariums, on the other hand, are offered in two distinct versions: one for outdoor locations and another for indoor use. Both are designed to allow the best efficiency of projection devices.

Clamshell dome

Clamshell domes (observatories)

The sheer speed of opening and closing operations makes clamshell domes perfect for professional use and for deployment in locations where the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly.
These domes can also host more than one telescope and need no coordination between the pointing control system and the dome itself.
Clamshell domes are usually chosen by most operators dealing with observation and tracking of satellites and space debris and/or working with laser communications.

Standard dome

Standard domes (observatories)

Available with a single or double shutter, these domes have in their sturdiness their main advantage. They offer complete protection from bad weather (especially when it comes to strong winds) and they’re built with high quality aluminium.
Astro Alliance puts the solidity, safety and reliability factors on top when designing these domes.
This kind of dome is especially suited to astronomy (for amateurs and professionals alike) and scientific research.

Outdoor dome

Outdoor domes (planetariums)

Built and tested to withstand bad weather, these domes for planetariums are perfect for fixed outdoor use.
They’re designed to be installed on a sufficiently big and sturdy base, they’re finished with non-toxic paints and they can have internal heating.
They are also offered in removable and portable variants.

Indoor dome

Indoor domes (planetariums)

Astro Alliance’s domes for indoor use are built with a tube frame made of galvanized iron, while the interiors employ aluminium panels. These are laser-cut and assembled through a series of stainless steel supports.
These domes can be positioned horizontally or at a slanted angle, depending on the available space and on the required projection.