On top of designing and manufacturing high quality instruments, Astro Alliance offers a wide range of services. These activities mainly relate to the maintenance and the initial setup of professional equipment. Astro Alliance can also provide special maintenance programs for large observatories, public organizations and scientific facilities.

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Collimation allows to correctly align the various components in a telescope. Any kind of telescope should be regularly collimated to maintain their best performances.
Our service provides both optical and mechanical collimation, interferometric tests and (on request) the delivery of a certificate regarding the quality of the final results.

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Astro Alliance provides services related to lenses (multilayer coating) and mirrors (aluminization, silvering and gilding). Coating is essential for lenses to minimize residual lights and on mirrors to better reflect the captured images.
Our service takes advantage of the most modern equipment with specific procedures.

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Telescopes can maintain their initial efficiency for many years and their optics should be cleaned sparingly. Cleaning operations are often performed in a wrong way, thus risking to ruin the optics with rogue solid particles.
Astro Alliance, on the other hand, ensures a professional cleaning service without any risk of ruining the optics, bringing it back to its initial efficiency.



Despite being ofter underestimated, the mechanical components of a telescope are essential to make optics work at their best.
Astro Alliance’s technicians perform intubations (truss or traditional) with the maximum care, paying attention to the unavoidable structural stresses the tubes will have to stand and to the specifics of every optic set. Several materials are available, such as carbon fiber and magnesium, depending on the required applications.


Maintenance (mounts)

Telescope mounts require regular maintenance and, when subject to excessive stress, they may need to be repaired.
Astro Alliance provides both services and can keep any mount at its best efficiency (also upgrading its electronics if needed), eventually fixing mounts accidentally damaged during their use.

Large observatories

Large observatories

Regular and special maintenance

Large observatories require specific and extremely accurate maintenance, both for ordinary and extraordinary interventions.
Said maintenance requires high level skills that Astro Alliance can provide in every step of the operations needed to ensure that instruments are correctly working, equipment is kept at its best efficiency and results coming from scientific research are always reliable. The company can also suggest backup systems if needed, to avoid interruptions in the operations.