TCS - Telescope Control System

Astro Alliance’s Telescope Control System (TCS) is a complete and modular control system for large telescope mounts. It can control stepper motors at high currents and voltages to provide maximum torque at high speeds.

The TCS can perform GoTo and Closed Loop Tracking operations when connected to high resolution absolute encoders (EnDat or BISS-C), allowing long exposures without an autoguider. The dual expansion ports can manage more motors and steppers for focusers and rotators, on top of sensors and additional cards. There are also three 12V outputs, which can be turned on and off through the relevant software.

The supplied ASCOM driver is compatible with most astronomy software packages (Sky Chart/Cartes du Ciel, NINA, TheSkyX and more), while the software assigned to encoders and motors can be used in ’starless’ configurations.

The TCS can be controlled using an USB, serial or Wi-Fi connection.